deleting a text message delete it for the other person

No it doesn’t. A text message is a text message. It is just that the sender may want to delete it in the future. Just like a chat message or email, it does not automatically delete itself. It takes the other person to think about it for a moment or two, and then it is gone.

That is, unless you are the sender. Then it is deleted.

Also, while you can delete a text message that is in your phone, it doesn’t delete the email that is in your email inbox.

One thing that seems to be a major difference between texting and email is the speed at which you can delete things. It is only possible to delete a text message when you are in a meeting or at a restaurant. It seems like it would be harder to delete an email since emails have to be “sent” to someone.

If you delete a text message on FaceBook, then it is deleted for the person in front of you that has the message. This means you need to know who sent the message. If you delete the email for the person in front of you, then it is deleted for the email address you have in the email address book.

So you can delete messages, but you can’t delete an email. You can delete an email and send a new message to someone, but emails are still there.

The answer to this is complicated, but there are two separate cases. If you delete a message, then the email doesn’t know what has gone down so it doesn’t know if you deleted it. If you delete an email, then it doesn’t know if you deleted the message. So to delete an email you have to delete the message first. This can be a problem if you’re using an email service such as Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, or Yahoo Messenger.

If you are using an email service, it is most likely that their email client will not let you delete messages. If you delete an email, you will no longer be able to send new messages through the same email service.

It is possible to delete or delete everything about a text message, but it can’t delete the message because it is not in the same way as it is deleting it. The reason why you can delete the message is because youre removing it from that thread.

The reason I am giving up on the other person is that deleting a message isnt as simple as deleting the message itself. It takes a few seconds in the text-message client to delete a message, but the message is still removed from the other person.

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