How to Sell embarrassing spell to a Skeptic

A spell that makes you feel like you’ve been caught in a weird, embarrassing moment? You’re in good company. While I don’t think anyone actually expects you to be embarrassed, it’s still a little creepy. I can’t wait for that feeling to wear off and you’ll be free from that pesky embarrassment.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I’d miss this feeling if it was gone. In fact, I definitely would. I’d probably have to do something to get rid of it.

I can understand why a spell like this would be creepy. But I can also understand why it would be fun too. The spell itself is a simple one, but it has a lot of potential. Its easy to imagine the spell as something like a spellchecker, where it analyzes words in your text. It might also generate a list of all the spellings of words you’ve typed and show them to you.

Im not entirely sure if your spell looks like a spellchecker or how it would work, but I’m sure it would be interesting. As for the actual spell itself, it’s a bit confusing. It’s clearly a simple form of spell check, but it’s written in two languages. So you would have to learn two languages to know what spell you use for it. But this is just another reason why it’s fun.

Its cool because it only shows a small portion of the text and you can’t really tell if it is a spell or not, but it is still a good learning tool. It also shows some of the words you might have spelled incorrectly and if they are spelled correctly. Its not perfect, but its still useful.

It actually seems to be a combination of spell check and a spell checking program. So you would need to use both.

It is a combination of what the text says and the spell checking program would try to figure it out. The text does not say why it is a spell or what it actually does. It is an acronym and uses the standard spell checker to check for errors. I am unsure if this is the real reason for it not being a spell checker, but it is a good learning tool.

I can personally attest that I could never spell check my own writing. It always comes up as either a “Unexisting word” or a “Missing definition”. It makes me want to punch someone in the face.

This is also something I’ve learned. You can’t just go around saying, “I will spell check everything.” You have to be specific in the form it takes. You don’t have to spell check just like, “I’ll look it up in the dictionary.” You have to spell check the thing, or it will not be a valid document.

The funny thing is that I can spell check my own writing. It always comes up as either a Valid word or a Valid definition. It makes me want to punch someone in the face.

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