How can a Title IX charge affect a student?

Title IX helps educational authorities and students prevent any discrimination based on sex. Whether it is for participation, benefits, or any educational program, the government ensures that every student is treated equally. So, the government has created strict rules against Title IX violations, and all educational institutes have to proceed with aggressive charges against any student or faculty member discriminating on campus or off campus. Title IX charges are considered serious and can affect a student’s career and employment opportunities. If you have been accused of a Title IX violation then it is likely that you will be suspended or expelled from your educational institute. However, this is the time you must start searching for a Title IX lawyer near me. The following are the ways you can be affected due to a Title IX violation:

Suspension or expulsion

The most common type of punishment after a Title IX violation is suspension. A student accused of violating Title IX rules can be suspended from the educational institute, whether in school or college for a while. Sometimes this suspension can also turn into a permanent expulsion.

Permanent mark on the career

It is terrifying but true that a Title IX violation can follow you to your future school or college. If you were accused of violating Title IX rules then a university can decline your application for admission. A Title IX accusation can result in a permanent mark on your academic record.

Employment issues

Another major drawback of being accused of Title IX violation is that a company may not hire you based on your record. People don’t want such employees working in their company which can bring legal problems. So, they might not consider you as an applicant.

Jail term

Although severe, it is possible that you can go to jail for allegations of rape or sexual misconduct under Title IX laws. If you were accused of any sexual assault in your educational institute, you will face a lawsuit and if proven guilty, you can end up serving a jail term or paying a penalty to the accuser.

Title IX violations are considered one of the most aggressive offenses in your educational life. A student can jeopardize their whole career and employment goals due to any Title IX violation attached to their academic record. If you or anyone you know has been accused of Title IX violations, then you must seek immediate legal help and try to get past the entire lawsuit. A professional and experienced attorney can help you prevent serious charges and resume your educational life smoothly. Getting rid of Title IX violation charges is crucial so that you can build the career you dreamt of.

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