Write for us- Email marketing, Editor & Infographic Guest Posts

Email marketing is one of the most sought-after marketing channels today, with some websites claiming that email is even more effective than Facebook and Google. Using a reputable mail company such as MailChimp can help you provide a better email experience for your audience. Our team at Creative Nights wanted to take a closer look at how effective email marketing can be and what are the first steps to start your journey. 

We have handpicked five online articles which will share an array of insights on topics such as why you should invest in email marketing and tips on setting up an effective strategy starting from scratch. The first post talks about how to utilize email marketing to grow your business and how to avoid common pitfalls. 

The second one explains how to build an email list, and the third one goes in-depth into the best strategies for your campaign. The fourth article takes a look at different ways to approach marketing automation, and the last one explores the power of using visuals for your email marketing campaigns.

What is write for us?

Write for us is a blog post publishing service where artists and authors can promote their websites and blogs by submitting free content for our visitor to read. If you have great content that you want to publish, feel free to submit your work for review. We will post your content, along with a link back to your site or blog.

Why is Guest Posting Important for your business?

Guest post is important for your business because it is a great way to market your business and reach out to new audiences. It gives you an opportunity to speak directly to your target audience. Share helpful articles, tips, and strategies that you can use in your own content management strategy.

Why Guest Posting? Are there any drawbacks?

Guest posting is a great way for bloggers to get started in the digital marketing industry. It improves their blogging skills by helping them write high quality content and connect with other bloggers who share the same interests. You might not get many traffic from this method but it helps you gain more exposure and readership.

Guidelines to Follow For Article Submission:-

  1. Content should be unique, free from plagiarism and error-free.
  2. Content should be at least 700 words long so that our readers get sufficient information about your business.
  3. Content should not have been published on the internet previously (including your own blogs and websites).
  4. The article must be appropriate for our general audience. We do not allow adult content or hate mongering in the submissions.
  5. Name, bio and photo of the author is optional but it can attract more interest to the article if included with it.

What Kind Of Articles Do We Publish?

We publish news, how-to articles, guides and tips related to effective digital marketing strategies. We are a fast-growing online platform, and we are looking to publish high quality articles on a daily basis.

We publish articles related to online business such as web hosting reviews, online marketing strategies, music promotion services, affiliate programs review etc. 

We also publish anything that can help readers enhance their knowledge about any topic related to digital marketing or blogging.